Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Changes in modelling for Daryl's project

For the last final stages of Daryl's project I was asked to re-size the chair which has been done and also to add a step ladder for the Prof to walk up to match the height of Mort's chair. The image below is the design and texture for the ladder but the texture might change into a brown Lambert to make the model look 2D. This image shows the new chair with the step ladder in position.

The group decided that the book case needed to be duplicated due to the background looking empty, therefore Simon made a duplication of the bookshelf and I then changed the colour of the shelf along with making the objects on both shelf different so there not completely the same.

Finished Bee Animation

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

When I changed the chair to fit the character and scene, Daryl then asked if I could put a rig in the chair so when the character Mort gets put on it, the chair will move backwards and forward. To add more comedy. This is a quick play blast of a practise shot:
After doing the simple design and model for our chair, me, Daryl and Simon spoke about the chair and agreed that the chair I did first time round looked like a dentist chair and I should incorporate my old chair with the new one and I can up with these new designs:

During the third term we realised the chair we originally had was to small for the animated chair and needed to be bigger. Due to the chair looking mis-shaped and out of place, the group decided that the chair needs to be re-do. This is a much simpler design and we are able to make the chair wider or bigger without the shape looking awkward.

I have been contributing in Daryl group by colouring in the animated frames and put them into Flash, where they have been put in order and timed out as finished animated pieces.